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Bachelor Party Booze Cruise

Posted on March 7th, 2017

Nothing screams bachelor party more, than having some beers with your closest buddies while on the open water and partying at the local sandbars.  Whether you are local in South Florida or flying in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, you have to get out on the water as part of your itinerary. Make this trip memorable for your bachelor or bachelorette and be assured that you found the best option for your day on the water here at RentalBoat.com.

With boats up to 65 feet, we have many options available for your bachelor party. We are one of the only fleets in the state that can take more than 6 people on the same boat as we have certain licenses with the United States Coast Guard.  Where other companies will break up your group, Beware!

What Does a Bachelor Party Booze Cruise Entail?

Sandbar Cruise (Most Popular)
We have several options, but one of most popular is our cruise to the local Fort Lauderdale or Haulover Sandbar. 6 hours is always the ideal time for your trip, however we do longer and shorter depending on your needs.  We provide absolutely everything. The only thing you need to bring is food and drinks.  We have ice and coolers at the marina to keep your beers cold too.  Once we leave the dock you will have a beautiful cruise down to the sandbars where you will see the lifestyles of the rich and famous with some homes well over the 20 million dollar mark and yachts even more than that.  As we approach the sandbar, you will see many other boaters taking in the sun as they relax and party.  Your captain will throw the anchor and you guys can hop out of the boat into the crystal clear warm waters or just hang out on the deck.  Ask our captain to hand you a beer at anytime and exchange stories and catch up with the bro’s. With about an hour left of your day, we will jump back in the boat and head back to the marina where you guys can return to the hotel and wash up for your night on the town.  Ask your captain to recommend local restaurants and shows.

Intercoastal Tour
Another option is toparty on our boat while you dive into “Millionare Row” and enjoy a look at Fort Lauderdale or Miami from the water. Play your favorite music, pour a drink and reminisce with the bachelor soon to be wed locked. Our intercoastal cruise is typically 4 hours and this gives you time to plan other exciting things to do during the day without getting too exhausted. Our custom boats include a full galley with bathroom, a/c, and plenty of room for up to 18 people.  As with all our trips all you need to bring is your food and drinks, as we will have coolers with plenty of ice here waiting for you.



Deep Sea FishingDeep Sea Fishing (Fish on!)
How about being on the other end of a monster shark or big game fish? Captain David and crew are considered the top captains in the World when it comes to clients on fish.  We offer half and full day deep sea fishing trips where you will leave at 7am or 8am and pursue fishing species such as mahi, sailfish, tuna, sharks, wahoo, kingfish, snapper and more.  We filet and bag all your catch so that you may take your fresh catch to the local restaurants and eat it that night.  Allow our captain to recommend the restaurants our customers enjoy.



There’s your options for the ultimate bachelor party on the water. So give us a call and let us know the dates you will be in town to hold a boat for you.  And don’t forget if you have boating experience, we also have private boat rentals where you can be the captain of your own sea voyage.