Cruise in Style on a Pontoon Boat Rental

There are times when you want to “open up” and enjoy the thrill of speeding on the water. However, there are other times when you just want to relax and take it easy as you take in your surroundings. Here at, we’ve got you covered with a boat rental that can meet either of those desires…and more! Let’s take a moment to focus on the latter: Cruising the inland waters of South Florida in a leisurely manner aboard a luxury Pontoon Boat!

Popular Cruising Experience

Pontoon Boats have skyrocketed in popularity over the past several years. What was once a vessel found only on freshwater lakes, Pontoon Boats can be found plying the inshore and nearshore waterways of both Florida coastlines.

South Florida is an especially ideal playground for Pontoon Boats due to the sheltered Intracoastal Waterway travels north/south parallel to the coastline and the many attractions on the water. Not the least of which is Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of America. Aboard your rental Pontoon Boat, you and your family and friends can tour the seemingly endless canals and tributaries of Fort Lauderdale. You can also stop to enjoy a multitude of waterfront dining establishments and bars along the way.

You can also soak in the beautiful and peaceful natural preserves adjacent to the canals and waterways. You can even take advantage of areas to anchor your Pontoon Boat to enjoy beautiful tropical beaches and sandbars. Feel free to splash around and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Our Pontoon Boats provide you with ample room to invite your family and friends for a stunning yet relaxing day on the water. You can bring as much food and beverage that you can carry, knowing that you can take advantage of a steady, seaworthy platform that is made for relaxation.

The Avalon LS offers high-quality compact pontoon boat with the luxurious and reliable construction for which Avalon is well-known. The The LS Cruise mode provides an economically-efficient pontoon speed boat with convenient features like the rear-facing bench. At a compact 8′ wide, the LS Cruise offers high speeds and a smooth, comfortable ride.

NOW is the time to treat yourself to a luxurious lifestyle cruise amidst the most desirable South Florida waterways. Give us a call NOW! Let’s get out there!

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