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Hollywood Boat Rentals

10881622_832835336755116_3771137391016623224_nOne of the top things to do in Hollywood, Florida is to get out and enjoy the water. Whether you are looking to take a cruise to the local sandbar or enjoy some fine dining on the water, our Hollywood Rentals Boats are a great choice for you and your family (seating up to 12 passengers).

Located in the heart of Hollywood Beach, just blocks away from the new Margaritavile Hotel, we offer several rental boats at all times of day to suite your needs starting at just $199. Don’t forget to call for early bird specials as well, which can be some of the time of day to go boating.

Hollywood is located right in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, giving you the option to cruise to either area. Both areas have great sites as well as just cruising around our local Hollywood Intercoastal.

When you get to our dock, you will be greeted by one of our Captains who will go over how to operate the boat with you. If you don’t have any boating experience, a captain is available to go with you, if you feel more comfortable that way. However our boats are very easy to use and as long as you are 26 years of age, you are welcome to operate the boat by yourself as most of our customers do.

Enjoy The Sandbar

When your family or friends board the boat, you can jump behind the wheel and we will let you know of some great sights to see for that day. During the Spring and Summer, most of clients like to cruise down to the Haulover Sandbar and see the crystal clear water and enjoy the peacefulness of the area with other boaters.

Haulover SandbarTake In Mother Nature

Many of customers like to enjoy mother nature including manatees, pelicans (bird watching), dolphin and many more sights. Based on the time of year, we can give you some direction on where you will see some of the amazing wildlife that inhabits the Hollywood and South Florida intercoastal.

All Safety Equipment Is Included

Your boat comes equipped with all safety equipment, including an anchor and dock lines. So if you’d like to tie up and enjoy one of our local restaurants that is always an option.

Whatever the case for you to enjoy a beautiful day on the water, trust that RentalBoat.com and our fleet is your number 1 choice. We own all our boats here in Hollywood and don’t outsource like many of competitors.  Most of the time you will be meeting the owner Captain David or booking through him. We put our reputation on the line each and every day and it is our priority to ensure you have an amazing time on the water.

Give us a call and we will make sure your Hollywood boating experience is one to remember for a life time.