No More Boat Washing

Salt Water. Dirty Shoes. Blood from your morning catch. A spilled can of soda. These are just a few things that conspire to make your boat DIRTY, which is why every boat owner is CONSTANTLY cleaning his or her boat. CONSTANTLY.

Nobody truly enjoys cleaning a boat, using a chamois, or even waxing the boat periodically. Plus, if you don’t “stay ahead of” cleaning, your investment will erode at an accelerated rate. In other words, cleaning you boat is a HASSLE.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend 4 hours on the water and not even look at a chamois when you get back to the dock? You came to the right place.

When you rent a boat from us at, you won’t have to worry about ANY of the items above as you enjoy a carefree day on the water. Just pull up to the dock when you’re done and…WALK AWAY. We’ll take care of the rest.