No More Trailering

Let’s face it. The time, effort and expense required to transport your boat on a trailer far outweighs the flexibility that you might enjoy by trailering your boat. At, we spare you all of that pain and allow you to spend your time on the water without having to worry about hassles like:

  • Annual maintenance and upkeep on the trailer, which can sometimes run into the thousands if you encounter a structural issue – an you WILL run into a structural issue. We won’t even bring up the horror stories of breaking down on the way to a distant location.
  • Trailer lights. Enough said.
  • Storage and security of boat and trailer.
  • Extra time devoted to hitching and unhitching the trailer.
  • Insurance
  • Licenses and tags
  • You had better arrive at the boat ramp early or else you’ll get caught up in “Boat Ramp Olympics” where chaos and incompetence reign. How about the fun of paying the ramp launch fee or meter and making sure that you get back before it expires?

When you rent a boat from us at, you won’t have to worry about ANY of the items above as you enjoy a carefree day on the water. Just pull up to the dock when you’re done and…WALK AWAY. We’ll take care of the rest.