I was in town for business and decided to take my brother-in-laws family who lives in the area out boating. We wanted to stay in the Fort Lauderdale area and get some lunch.  Pat told us about a great bar called “Boat Yard” that was just about a 20 minute cruise from the dock.  We got there and docked no problem and had lunch.  After lunch we went over to the Sandbar that Pat also recommended for a swim. The place was loaded with other friendly boaters as it was a weekend.  We threw our anchor and stayed an additional couple hours.  Heading back in Pat was waiting for us at the dock to help out, as my docking skills aren’t that great.  He even had one of his captains jump on our boat to help out.  I look forward to renting a boat with these guys again or maybe even Deep Sea Fishing with the guys next door.

The Fort Lauderdale Sandbar Is Amazing