Why Join a Boat Club Reason #1: Maintenance Headaches

As you know by now, the word BOAT stands for? Break Out Another Thousand. Boats can be costly to maintain. They cost you money when you use them. They cost even more money when you DON’T use them. Save yourself the cost and headaches of boat maintenance by joining our RentalBoat.com Boat Club!

Modern boats are complex vessels crammed with high-performance electronics and propulsion that, even though they are optimized to function in a harsh, saltwater environment, require constant care and maintenance to ensure that you don’t get encounter problems at inopportune moments.

When you rent a boat at RentalBoat.com or join our Boat Membership, you won’t ever have to worry about maintaining a thing because WE DO.

Let’s take a deeper look into the main boat categories that you will need to maintain when you own a boat:

  • Motor/Propulsion. Your boat’s propulsion and related components are the single-most expensive portion of your boat and is therefore the most expensive to maintain or repair. Your boat’s motor (Outboard, Inboard, Inboard/Outboard, Stern Drive, etc.) is very much like the motor installed in your car or truck in that it requires regular maintenance to ensure performance and reliability. Do you want to avoid being stuck on the side of the highway in the middle of the night? Then you need to change the oil in your car and truck and perform other regular maintenance. The same holds true for your boat’s motor. If you neglect regular maintenance to your boat’s motor, you run the risk of significant repair costs or even replacement. Big dollars!
  • Motor Accessories or Components. This category includes things that work with your motor to control the boat such as steering, trim tabs, etc. These are components that will prevent you from leaving the dock even when the motor is functioning properly and they must be proactively maintained too. For example, your hydraulic steering must be regularly checked for leaks/air bubbles and the hydraulic fluid must be flushed and replaced with new fluid periodically. Without steering, you’re not going anywhere.
  • Electronics. As with cars and trucks today, your boat is as much a computer as it is a vessel, with sophisticated electronics governing everything from your GPS/Chartplotter to your “fly-by-wire” throttles to fuel management. Your electronics are under constant attack from corrosion, electrolysis, lightning strikes and even conflicts with other systems installed on your boat. Losing just one of these components could keep you at the dock…and breaking out the checkbook.
  • Electrical Systems. Every boat needs power to run, well, EVERYTHING. You need batteries installed on board so that you can start you motor(s), run your bilge pumps to avoid sinking, run your electronics, just to name a few. Your boat’s electrical system leverages wires, cables, fuses, breakers, couplings, connectors and other parts that can – and will – fail. Your electrical system must be constantly monitored to stay ahead of faults and failures. Again, electrical repairs can be costly and time-consuming -keeping you off the water.

When you rent a boat or join a boat club, all of the above are the responsibility of the boat rental provider – not yours! When you get off the boat, your responsibility ends. It’s a beautiful thing! Here at RentalBoat.com, when want to make your watertime experience the most beautiful of things!

Call us now to reserve your rental boat and be sure to ask us about our Spring Boat Club Membership Specials! Let’s get you out on the water!