Why Join a Boat Club Reason #2: Great For New Boaters

When you live in beautiful and tropical South Florida, water is everywhere! And, when there is water, you’ll likely see boaters having a great time. But if you’ve never owned a boat before, where do you begin and how do select the right boat for you?

The Answer: Join the RentalBoat.com Boat Club!

The first step to when becoming a boater is to learn how to operate a vessel and to get comfortable on the water. At RentalBoat.com, our Boat Club has you covered. We have a staff of U.S.C.G. licensed captains who are ready to instruct you how to be a safe and effective boater.

The next advantage to a Boat Club is the fact that you can operate a wide array of different boats to determine which boat type, length, power and comfort best suit you and your time on the water. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about “buyer’s remorse.” Why? Because you simply choose a different boat the next time you get on the water!

Boat Rentals

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to store a boat whether it’s at a marina, on a boat lift or on a trailer. Although trailers offer a measure of flexibility, they also add time to the beginning and end of your boat trip. Furthermore, trailers require maintenance and repair. You have NO maintenance and repair when you join a Boat Club.

When you join a Boat Club, you can also get a taste of the expense to own and operate a boat. Boats are expensive. You need to pay for the boat itself, fuel, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, insurance and a host of other “soft” costs. You pay for NONE of those expenses with a Boat Club. Furthermore, you get to maximize your time on the water. You just show up at the dock when you’re ready to head out and you simply hand the key to us when you’re done. No cleaning. No refueling. No pulling the boat back onto a trailer. Nothing. Just leave all of that to us!

When you rent a boat or join a boat club, all of the above are the responsibility of the boat rental provider – not yours! When you get off the boat, your responsibility ends. It’s a beautiful thing! Here at RentalBoat.com, when want to make your watertime experience the most beautiful of things!

Call us now to reserve your rental boat and be sure to ask us about our End of Summer Boat Club Membership Specials! Let’s get you out on the water!