Our “Mermaids” Are Back

During the Winter months here in Southeast Florida we share our inland waters with our legendary Manatees and when you take advantage of any of our RentalBoat.com services, you will likely get to see our gentle friends.

Manatees are large, plant-eating mammals that have inhabited Florida inland waters for hundreds of years. Manatees and have earned the nickname of “Sea Cows” since they eat plants and move very slowly. Manatees have a gentle, friendly personality and can been seen in a playful manner on the water, especially during the Winter as Manatees flock to South Florida to enjoy the warmer waters.

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Hundreds of years ago, mariners often mistook Manatees for Mermaids. Herman Melville even made reference to Manatees in his famous novel Moby Dick by calling them “pig fish” as he distinguished Manatees from whales.

Because Manatees breathe air and can be quite slow and deliberate as the move near the surface of the water, they can be at risk of being hit and injured by unwary boaters. This is why Manatees are a protected species in Florida and the inland waterways, especially the Intracoastal Waterway, are subject to Idle Speed Zones and other laws to safeguard their well-being.

When out on the water aboard a RentalBoat.com Jet Ski or Rental Boat, you must be sure to obey all Idle Speed Zones and to be on the lookout for our gentle friends.

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Our inland waterways offer beautiful preserves and mangroves that are often gathering places for pods of Manatees. When you rent a boat from RentalBoats.com, you have access to these pristine areas to watch Manatees gather and play. It also makes for great photos like the view above when you see Manatees tending to their young.

Manatees are just an example of the legendary wildlife and birds that you can experience and enjoy when renting a boat at RentalBoat.com. Give us a call to reserve your rental boat now or to book your inland waterway tour.