Power Boating Lessons

Why RentalBoat.com Boating Course? Because you can’t learn how to drive a boat in a classroom or by book… 

Are you new to boating? Maybe you are looking to buy a boat, but don’t have any boating experience. Here at RentalBoat.com we have the top South Florida boating course that was designed to get you on the water and handle a boat like a pro.  Our United States Coast Guard captains will “show you the ropes” so that you may operate your boat safely with your family and friends.  Also, when renting a boat from us, you will automatically be approved to not have a captain.

Our “Boating Instruction 101” course is our entry level course that consist of 3 hours of hands-on instruction from our boat with our USCG approved captain. You will be learning to operate our boats here at the marina on the water, not in a classroom. By the end of the 3 hours, you will have the confidence and skills to take one of our boats out yourself.  Your family and friends will think you have been boating for years, we guarantee it!

 Boating 101 course outline:

  • Boating Safety including Lifejackets, Flares, Sound Device Instruction
  • Boat Docking including tying up, using fenders.
  • Boating Steering, Throttle Control & Turning
  • Boating Navigation: Reading Channel Markers, GPS, Depth
  • Anchoring: Sandbar anchoring, shallow water anchoring

Upgrades and Advanced Courses:

  • Boat Trailering including boat ramp instruction
  • Twin Engine Boat Handling aboard 34′ SeaVee
  • Night-Time Boating and Navigation
  • One of our captains to teach all boating techniques on your boat (boats up to 100 feet).

Each course comes with:

  • United States Coast Guard Certified Captain
  • All Safety Equipment including life jackets, flares, sound device, throw cushion
  • Aboard our beautiful 21 or 24 foot Nauticstar Deck Boats

What You Need:

  • Food and Drinks
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

This is a must-take course for those that plan to purchase a boat or rent a boat from us and have limited knowledge of safe boating. Let us help you avoid countless errors of trial and error as we teach you to become a pro on the water in just 3 short hours.  By learning on the water and behind the wheel, you will get hands-on boating experience and learn far better than being in a classroom or reading any book.

Boating Safety Course


Boating 101 Course
3 Hours
$300 per person

To inquire more about the RentalBoat.com Boating 101 Course, please email us below: