Why Renting a Boat is Better than Owning a Boat

Here at RentalBoat.com, we’re often asked to explain the advantages of Renting a Boat versus owning a Boat. Here are just a few reasons why Boat Rentals deliver more value than ownership.

Boats Are Expensive

Buying a boat can be an expensive proposition, with the cost of a 25-foot center consoled costing upward of $100,000 by the time you add electronics and other options. Then, you also must shell out cold, hard cash for all the accessories such as anchor and dock lines as well as all the U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets and safety gear. Did we mention that boats require fuel? Lots and lots of fuel. When you rent a boat, there is none of this upfront cost.

That Expensive Boat will Depreciate

Boats depreciate just like cars do, meaning they lose value over time. Unlike cars and trucks, boats measure their usage in hours of motor usage – not miles travelled. The more you use your boat, the more market value you lose. With a rental boat, there is no long-term depreciation calculation because you’re in it for the short-term fun.

Boat Owners Don’t Use Their Expensive Boats

The average boater uses his or her boat less than 10% of the year. That means the boat is just sitting for more than 320 days each year. You’re going to pay for 12 months of storage, maintenance and insurance for 30 days of use? You get greater value when you rent the same boat.

Don’t Forget About Boat Maintenance

Do you know what the word BOAT stands for? Break Out Another Thousand. Boats can be costly to maintain. They cost you money when you use them. They cost even more money when you DON’T use them. (More on that below.) Boats are typically exposed to the elements and the corrosion that comes with them. Don’t forget that you ALSO must pay to store your boat…SOMEWHERE. Throw in the costs of insurance, which continue to skyrocket, and you can feel your wallet get lighter by the second. When you rent a boat, these costs are someone else’s problem – not yours.

No More Swabbing the Deck

The best part of boat rental is when you return from your day on the water, tie up the boat to the dock…and WALK AWAY. No more spending hours cleaning the boat. No more waiting in line at the fuel dock to pay 40% more for fuel than you would to fill up your car at the local gas station. Enjoy the freedom of simply walking to your car after a lovely day on the water without a care in the world.

Let Us Take Care of EVERYTHING

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Owning and operating boats to meet the tastes of our wide range of clients is what we do. Take advantage of our expertise and rent one of our beautiful vessels or become a RentalBoat.com Member to save even more money and get priority boat rental status. For more information on the benefits of Boat Rental or to reserve one of our luxury boats for rent, please give us a call.