Boat Rentals Miami Beach

As the number 1 Miami boat rental company since 1996, we have been providing our customers with amazing on the water adventures from Aventura To South Beach and everything in between.  Miami is one of the most beautiful spots to a boat through the intercoastal into the bay. The water is crystal clear and the sites are fantastic. sunset at beach

On your way down, the first site we recommend is the Haulover Sandbar. Here you will be greeted by local boaters and you can choose to throw your anchor and spend the entire day there. On any given day there could be another 50 boats along with food vendors. As the tide goes out, the water will get extremely shallow and you will be able to walk around on the purest sand you can experience.

Once you pass the Haulover Sandbar, the North Biscayne Bay will lure you in. With its beautiful calm and crystal clear water, you will start to notice the landscape of downtown Miami. As you get more South you have the option of a few restaurants on the water including the famous Monty’s. You may also pull directly into bayside and enjoy the live band and food options.

Whatever you decide to do on our rental boats, we are ready for you. Party with your friends or enjoy a relaxing day on the water and know that you have the best boat and deal ready for you anytime. Miami is one of those places you have to experience on the water to really take it all in and nothing like operating your own boat starting at just $199 for our Miami Boat Rental. Miami Boat Rental

At Miami boat rental we believe in making boating filled with fun, hassle free, easy, which will create lasting memories with your family and friends or buddies. While vacationing on a rental boat you should not worry about anything other than relaxing and enjoying your stay on water. We have boats of different sizes to suite any group be it small or large. At our boat rental company in Miami you can get deck boats, sport fishing boats, yachts and more.

So come on down and enjoy Miami the best way possible, on the water. It is said that Miami needs to be explored from our waterways to avoid traffic and the stress. You will never have a moment of stress on the water with our team to help you the entire way. Call us for your Miami Boat Rental today.